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Montessori Environments



The first stage of the Infant Program lays the foundation for future learning by developing a broad range of skills that foster independence, concentration, muscular strength and sensory awareness.

The core focus of the Infant Program is to provide infants with opportunities to freely explore their environment, practice moving, grasping and reaching mobiles, rattles, sensory boards, treasure baskets, sound bottles, the shapes board and establish positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

The third and final stage of the Infant/Toddler Program prepares the young child to transition to the Prepared Environment where they will participate in the structured Montessori Pre-primary and Primary Programs.

The Montessori materials for this age group introduce children to practical life activities, such as spooning and pouring, and provide students with extensions opportunities to further refine the skills explored in the earlier programs.





Our Montessori Pre-primary community provides a nurturing place for young children to begin their “education for life.”. 


Exploration helps to foster independence, focus, language, creativity, social/emotional development and confidence in their own abilities as they learn and grow. The freedom to explore, choose and learn in a safe place is crucial to toddlers.


Our Primary curriculum is designed and implemented to support the needs and abilities of the whole child in his/her physical, social and intellectual development. The curriculum is introduced individually as a child demonstrates readiness.

Our specially prepared environment fosters independence, competence and confidence as students become self-directed learners.

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